While we may not be the least expensive option out there for wiring harnesses, it’s important to know why!  What you will find included in our services that you don’t find in the “cheaper” options is this:

     • AutoVentures interface boards to eliminate 7 nuisance codes


     • Complete split-loom and wrapping of entire harness with  

       quality 3M tape

     • Modification of your alternator harness as well

     • Complete testing (video provided) of your harness

        on a motor before shipment

     • Return shipping fees included

     • No hidden fees (i.e. PayPal fees)



AutoVentures LLC is a well-respected automotive business offering general automotive repair as well as specializing in modifying Subaru engine wiring harnesses for those wanting more reliability and power in their desired vehicles, not to mention it’s more friendly to the environment.  At this time, we are offering modification of the following (non-canbus) 1990-2007 harnesses:

     • EJ22

     • EJ25

     • EJ33

     • EJ20T

     • EJ25T